Prices are listed in USD, the price quoted for each work is the total you will be charged including worldwide delivery, but excluding any import taxes into your country. Import taxes may be applied by your local customs during the shipping process, in this event the shipping agent will collect any payments due prior to delivery. Some common shipping location taxes are listed below;

USA - Federal duty on imported fine art prints is zero. State sales tax is not charged during shipping but may be due later. Please check your state tax rules for artworks. 

Canada - Federal duty on imported fine art prints is zero. Provincial sales tax may be charged prior to delivery.

Australia - Import duty 5%. Sales tax 10%. AU$ 50 processing fee.

EU countries incl. the UK - VAT at 20% may be charged on certain artworks. Please check with us before ordering.

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All orders are supplied unframed. We are able to frame orders to your specification prior to shipping, please contact the gallery at the time of ordering. 



Worldwide shipping is free of charge. Works are carefully packed and shipped with UPS. Shipments are fully insured. Delivery is usually made 7 - 14 days following your order.



All prints are supplied with the corresponding publisher's certificate of authenticity. We have been dealers of Bob Dylan artworks since 2008 and guarantee all work sold. We offer a 30 day return option (from the day of delivery) with a full refund including outward shipping if you are not completely satisfied. 



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